• Cafe Frenzy - 30% OFF

    Today's deal is Cafe Frenzy where we are offering 30% discount on two of your favourite eateries. So forget that boring old lunch that you brought from home and visit the Cheetay website to treat yourself with the best.
    1. Mocca
    2. Arcadian Cafe
    Terms and conditions are as follows …

  • Super Wednesday Deals Are Back

    Super Wednesday Deals are back again. We want you to have some variety in life so we are bringing something different this time! You get to order some delicious soups and an extraordinary dessert! So just sit back, relax, and order yourself great food only through cheetay.pk!

    1. Haagen-Dazs
      35 …
  • Get 20% OFF on TUESDAY!

    We know you're craving a discount so we got you some! Get 20% OFF today (i-e Tuesday) from 2 pm till 7 pm on NINE of your favourite eateries only on cheetay.pk! So what's the hold up? Visit the Cheetay website or download the App and get ordering. Chop …

  • Cheetay is proud to announce its partnership with WWF

    Cheetay has officially partnered with WWF to not only help curtail food wastage but also to help in reducing the use of plastic utensils. Given that discarded plastic bags, cups, utensils, etc have become a scourge for the community in terms of increased pollution. Cheetay will work closely with WWF …