• How About A Healthy Lifestyle?

    Photo Source: Pexels
    Your lifestyle defines who your are. Eating junk, sleeping late, and lack of exercise prevents you from functioning at your best. It makes you lazy and susceptible to infections and diseases. So it is always a good idea to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Why should we make it …

  • Sale Of Bottled Water By These Three Companies Banned By PFA

    Photo Source: ThoughtCo
    Punjab Food Authority (PFA) shut down the production and banned the sale of bottled water from 3 companies after they failed the laboratory test of fulfilling food standards.

    Samples from 14 bottled-water companies were collected by PFA and were sent to the Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial …

  • New Arrival On Cheetay: Illy

    If you haven't heard about Illy before, here is a little intro.
    Illy is the best coffee brand from Italy, that came into being in 1933 and it specializes in the production of espresso.

    Lahoris can now rejoice because they can finally experience the taste of real coffee, as Illy …