• Metabolism Boosting Foods

    Why is it important to boost your metabolism? In simple words, a higher metabolism helps your body in producing energy, in turn burning more calories and helping you lose weight quickly. Sure, you can blame your genetics for your current metabolism, but there are certain foods that you can take …

  • Did Someone Say Long Weekend?

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    It's a long weekend ahead. YAY! (Oh and Merry Christmas to all those celebrating!) If you are like me, you will laze around the house the entire time. All those in favour of a lazy weekend, raise your hand, because I am giving ideas on how you …

  • What You Need To Know About Stress Eating.

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    What is stress eating?
    Stress eating is when you eat to feel better or when you "eat your feelings away", even if you don't actually feel physical hunger. If you have been feeling bad for stress eating and blaming yourself, then don't, because it is not your fault …