Healthy food from home-based vendors


Eating out all the time can become a little difficult as this may not be quiet ideal for your body or your wallet. Sometimes, cooking at home is not an option. For those times, you wish to have home-cooked meals delivered to your doorstep, right? Well, here we are granting your wish. Ordering home-cooked meals will be not a problem anymore because Cheetay has a number of different vendors that will provide you with the most delicious meals, cooked in their homes with love and care. Below is the list of all the places you can order home-cooked meals from.

  1. Snackie Kitchen
    If you want to order home-made tea time snacks, Snackie Kitchen should be your go-to. They have chicken nuggets, chicken bread rolls, chicken samosas, chicken jalapeños cheese squares, chicken pancake rolls and chicken shami kebab.

  2. Nature's Hand
    Nature's hand has a wide variety of kebab's and other snacks. Their food will definitely remind you of your mothers cooking. If you're someone who loves pickles, there's a treat for you too.

  3. Zaiqedar
    Zaiqedar specializes in Chatneys. They have the most delicious imli chatni, aloo bukhara chatni and khubani chatni. Once you try them, you will definitely want more.