Eid Ul Azha Deals to Make Your Eid Special


Every Bari Eid after the animal gets sacrifised, for some odd reason I just don't feel like eating that meat. So I end up ordering food, particularly something in chicken. I used to think that it was just me, but then I asked around and a lot of people do the same. So we at Cheetay thought, why not bring some really cool deals so you can order your favourite food and ditch the bakra meat.

  1. Arif Chatkhara
    2 Chicken Tawa piece, 2 Naans, and 500 ml drink for PKR 789 (delivery charges included)

  2. Karachi Biryani
    3 full Biryani, 3 Raita, and 3 250 ml drinks for PKR 550

  3. Cafe Beirut
    PKR 500 OFF on all orders worth PKR 1500

  4. Butlers Chocolate Cafe
    10% OFF on all orders worth PKR 1000

  5. Jade Cafe
    PKR 200 OFF on all orders worth PKR 1500