Chit Chat With The Man Behind Classic Lounge


We met Mr. Usman Jaun, the man behind the newly established eatery called Classic Lounge, and had a little chit chat with him. He talked about his love for food and his passion for providing good food to his customers.

  1. Tell us a bit about the concept behind Classic Lounge.
    UJ: The concept is very simple. I just wanted a classy place where people can enjoy good quality food. That's what Classic Lounge is all about.

  2. Who do you see as your competition in the market and how is Classic Lounge different from?
    UJ: This is not something you will hear most people say but I don't consider competition important. I just believe in giving my best and leave the rest on Allah.

  3. What do people like to order the most from the menu?
    UJ: Our Lebanese food is very popular. Other then that, people love to order pizzas and burgers from our menu.

  4. What type of people visit your restaurant?
    UJ: Students, families, and professionals. You will see everyone coming here.

  5. Tell us something about yourself? How did you end up starting a place like Classic Lounge?
    UJ: I have always been a foodie. Whenever I went to dine out, I imagined if I opened a restaurant, how would I manage things, what kind of food will be served. I have travelled the world, and tried many international restaurants and cuisines, so you will see that influence in Classic Lounge.

  6. What is your favourite food?
    UJ: I am all about Desi food. Like I mentioned before, I have tried a lot of different cuisines, but nothing beats Desi food.

  7. Do you have any other branches coming up in Lahore or other cities? What are the expansion plans?
    UJ: I do plan on opening more branches in Lahore, preferably in DHA. In the future, I would also like to have Classic Lounge opened in Islamabad and Murree.

  8. Do you consider Classic Lounge's current location (next to Arcadian) as a challenge or an opportunity?
    UJ: There are both pros and cons of this location. An obvious pro is the foot traffic. But then again, some hardcore Arcadian fans may not be open to trying a new eatery.

  9. How do you think partnership with Cheetay will help Classic Lounge?
    UJ: I think this will be a great opportunity for Classic Lounge to expand its customer base and market its offerings effectively. In his words, "Cheetah mera pasandeeda janwar hai, bohat taiz bhaagta hai".