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  • A Guy's Post Mortem of Auntie Committee Parties


    When I hear about committee parties, the image that comes to my mind is that it'll be like one of those secret gatherings where occultists or you know the all knowing and powerful converge to convene matters of great and immediate concern. Pardon my cynicism. It's more like a gathering …

  • 5 genius ways to earn some easy money


    1. Sell your clothes
      Often times it is hard to make space for new stuff in our closet because it is already piled high with old stuff that we would hardly ever use again in this lifetime yet can't bring ourselves to part with. Perhaps the easiest way to earn cash …

  • 5 common breakfast mistakes we all make

    Oh the joy of waking up to a beautifully set table with an assortment of fancy options for breakfast! Sounds familiar? Yeah, we didn't think so either. The truth is nobody has the time or energy in the morning to fix up a proper breakfast for themselves these days and …