Do You Have the Right Products for your Baby?

Being a new parent and an ambitious employee is very challenging. Things can spin out of your control easily if you are not able to organize yourself. It is important to look for smarter options actively if you want to survive successfully. At work, you can depend on others for making things easy for you but at home, your baby counts on you for everything. These could include diapers, wipes, baby formula, body lotions, colognes, soaps, moisturizing shampoos, baby wipes, oils, gels, food warmers & sterilizers, monitors, scales and baby clothing. Of course, you can get a lot of free advice on childcare, development, sleep, feeding, teething and so on but matching the right product for the right reason is very difficult.

Here are a few products that you might need help with the most:

Baby Diapers

Nowadays, baby products are available for every age, shape, and size. Take baby diapers for instance. For the newly born, you will be looking for preemie diapers that are smaller in size and have a waistband that has the capacity to let the umbilical cord stub heal. For those babies who are a little older than infants, underwear diapers like disposable pants are required so that their potty training can be done. Then, there are standard disposable diapers that have been further categorized into daytime and nighttime. The latter has an extra absorbent material to keep dry from any moisture while the former is divided into splashers for those who wish to swim, cruisers to prevent leakage when the baby takes its first steps and baby dry with multiple absorbent channels.

Baby Wipes

To keep the baby clean, you can buy wipes with multiple extracts such as nigella seed with honey, aloe vera, chamomile, tea tree oil, and lavender oils. If you are wondering why these baby wipes are so important when we have water to simply wash and a cloth to clean the baby off, then know that too much water can take time to dry off. This can become a source for baby’s sensitive skin becoming uncontrollably itchy which can further develop rashes. Wet wipes are especially produced by Johnsons & Johnsons and Canbebe to clean the baby’s body easily and disinfects them from any bacteria or germs.

Interestingly, web stores such as understand that people need diapers with wipes so they have bundle packs exclusively made at discounted prices. Others E-commerce stores offer these products separately which can become very expensive.

Baby Lotions

For moisturizing baby’s skin, it is important to have lotions added to their grooming kits. These are mild and hypoallergenic. They protect the baby’s delicate skin leaving it smooth and soft along with having a fresh baby smell. For night time, you have calming aromatic baby lotions & oils that let the baby sleep peacefully.

Baby/Infant Formula

Just like diapers, wipes and baby lotions, you can easily buy baby formulas online too. Of course, there are unlimited types of infant formulas starting from Pediasure, Enfamil, Enfagrow, Morinaga BF-1, BF-2, and BR-3, to Miji Big, Miji Pre, Miji FMT, Nestle NAN Grow, Cerelac, Lactogen, Bunyad, and Nido 1+ and 3+. If you want infant milk that is closest to breast milk then Enfamil and Miji products for infants are the best options as it has nutrients like DHA and choline essential for baby’s development. Babies who are more than 6 months old can have Cerelac that has fortified iron, zinc, iodine, and vitamins. Toddlers, on the other hand, have products such as Lactogen, Enfagrow, Nestle Bunyad and Nido that claim to offer a balanced diet and come in many delicious flavors.

E-commerce stores- Your Guide to the Right Baby Products

Now that you have so much information, it will be quite easy for you to match the right product for your baby with the right age and size. E-commerce online stores such as Cheetay are not only your loyal friends when in need but also your best guide when it comes to your baby's wellbeing.