About Us

If you clicked on this link, you obviously want to know our story. We don’t believe in convention, so wrote you guys a poem:

The land was barren, the feast was dry
There weren’t even any kababs to fry

The sun was low, the temperature was high
But we really wanted to have siri paye

The journey long, all possibilities seemed unkind
And then the thought, it came to mind

A coalition of cheetahs, roaming far and wide
Their speed unmatched, there’s nowhere to hide

Scaling the land to fulfill one mission
To get you what you want, without an intermission

Whatever it is you want to get
On our cheetah, you can bet

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land,
Before you get angry, your order will be in your hand

Order some food, and some grocery maybe?
And don’t forget that dessert for your lady

You no longer have to lose your nerve,
because Cheetay is now here to serve