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Pizzano, Islamabad Brings you Appetizing Starters

Pizzano in Islamabad is where you put your pizza cravings to rest. Pizzano menu has a wide variety of items for you to choose from; whether you are a cheese or chicken lover or both. Start off your meal with lip-smacking appetizers like cheesy Garlic Bread, sizzling Hot Wings and crunchy, tender Hot Shots.

Satiate your pizza cravings with Pizzano pizzas

After you decide on your sides and starters, you can dive into Pizzano Pizza Menu and choose any flavor to your liking. Pizzano offers classics like Chicken Tikka and Chicken fajita that are infused with onions, capsicum and olives. You can even try something different like the Hawaiian pizza which is loaded with pineapples, pepperoni or beef salami, onions, tomato sauce, capsicum and olives. Pizzano order online offers meatless options too like the meatless Cheezy Gold pizza that will melt in your mouth and a healthy Veggie pizza. Cheetay will surely deliver anywhere you want, so you can curb hunger pangs.

Bag these Pizzano Pizza Deals

In case you want a meal for kids, friends or family, Pizzano Pizza deals have it all in the menu at Cheetay. Pizzano prices are very reasonable considering they have so much to offer. The pizza sizes they have range from 8 to 15 which can satisfy both singles and family. Pizzano also offers Pizzano Maza Deals that has various items like large pizza, fried chicken pieces, rice and drink. All these deals offer different items from the menu so you can taste everything. Pizzano would be a treat to have at your family gatherings or hang outs and Cheetay will be there to ensure a swift Pizzano Delivery.