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  • rubbish chicken Manchurian. rice were total dry and chicken was too salty
  • These 5 Stars are for their CHICKEN QORMA. One of the Bst Chicken Qorma In Town.Bt Tawa items gt cooked in Stinky OIL

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Who doesn’t love Sajji, right? Yes we all do! But you just can’t eat a run off the mill Sajji which is blandly cooked and that too not in the proper way where the skin of the chicken is soggy and chewy. You can easily tell that the chicken doesn’t have that vibrantly golden colour and the grilled glaze you know the perfect Sajji has.

Most restaurants mention Sajji on their menu but actually it isn’t really Sajji but just a random chicken roast with embellishments and added assortments to make sure it looks fancy. You want your Sajji to have perfectly crispy skin, grilled to perfection while having the subtle aroma of char coal and the blazing grill accentuating the spiced marinade. You really don’t get authentic and proper Sajjis here because wherever you go to try them you eventually end up getting ripped off (sigh).

Worry not, for there is a place which can satisfy your cravings! You can trust Yasir Broast. This is the best place to have the most deliciously mouth watering Sajjis. Theek hai yeh hum awaiien nahe keh rahay logon say pooch lain! This is the most sought after Sajji place in Lahore. They boast a diverse menu which is equally delicious and special. Their splendid barbecue options again are a specialty and people flock to eat it. Is Kay Illawaa aur bhi bohat kuch hai, their mutton and chicken karahis are sought after dishes which people love.

Apart from a diverse desi menu, Jab aap poochtay hain aur Chahiye to jawab yeh hi hai kay aur bohat kuch hai! You can always try their burgers, sandwiches and a variety of deals they offer. You can also have Chinese, soups, starters, appetizers and a lot more.

All of this is just a click away. Just log on to our website ( or download our App. How hard can it be, right? Just order whatever you’re in the mood of having from your cell phone. It’s easy and convenient. Tou bus jaldee say order karain and have a hearty meal with your family and friends.