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  • BSDK, very pathetic and tasteless burgers, will never order again. The food quality is very very bad. Had ordered 8 burgers it was so terrible could eat more than two bites.
  • Excellent service Ordered twice from cheetah Once got 40% and second time got 50% off flat Delivery was on time And taste was awesome
  • order arrived after 1hr 50mins after multiple phone calls to the rider and the restaurant with a different response every time order arrived cold rider claimed the 20% discount is not applicable and charged the full amount of 1560 rather than the discounted price of 1250 on the recepit because apparently the discount is between cheetay and the restaurant the rider also refused to give us the receipt
  • Order arrived at two hours and cold. Rider potentially cheated us of discount.
  • Had their butter burger. Like the name says, it was a soft, succulent delight! Must try!
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XXL Burger Delivery Done at the Right Time through Cheetay!

When hunger becomes uncontrollable, get XXL Burgers, Shakes and More’ to satiate it. But, do you know how you can get this?, its food delivery partner has the menu available on its android app and webstore. All you have to do is hop on to the website or install the app and order the burgers that you are craving for the most!

Diverse Food Combinations at XXL Burgers

XXL Burger menu has a whole encyclopedia of flavours in it for you. You can taste the deliciously mild and salty American cheese in most of the Chicken and Beef Burgers. The sour taste of pickles and the fresh crunchy vegetables along with this adds to the flavour. However, the patty tells you a story of its own. XXL Burger dares you to devour thick and hefty patties that are juicy and tender from the inside. Once you take a bite, they melt in your mouth giving you a taste of ultimate satisfaction.

Its’ decadent burgers consist of The Jaw Breaker topped with fried chicken wings and Chicken Volcano in Chicken and Rebellion in Beef. So, two heavy patties full of juiciness with vegetables, sauces and mozzarella cheese stacked together in buns is a piece of sheer happiness for those with bigger appetite. If you like to indulge in single patties then Chicken Sriracha, that is, fried chicken coated in Sriracha Sauce and Chicken Cheetos presented with dynamite sauce. In beef, you can get the Tripple Barrel burger that has smoked beef patty topped with three mozzarella sticks, Juicy Luicy stuffed with Cheese and Butter Burger with a patty smashed and cooked in butter.

Fascinating XXL Burger Food Experience

With so much to eat in a single serving, you can treat yourself with some incredible burgers that XXL Burgers restaurant dares you to eat. To get the best experience, make these come to you through that promises your food to be delivered right when you want it!