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Cheetay bound to deliver authentic food from Wok This Way

Craving for Chinese and Thai Cuisine? Order online, the food that you miss the most from Wok This Way at Cheetay! With a huge variety in its menu starting from Appetizers, Soups, Rice, Poultry, Beef, Seafood and Noodles, you can have a taste of all famous dishes in these authentic cuisines. To make sure that the taste of dishes does not change while delivering at your required destination, Cheetay - its food delivery partner makes sure that piping hot food reaches at your table.

Wok this Way emphasizes on the Confucian theory of food which states that there is a percentage of people who appreciate the taste of food. It wants to appeal to all those and spread a positive word of its authentic cuisine. It also focuses on providing value for money which means that for every dish you order, you get a serving that fills you up. So, if you wish to remember the unique taste and have value for money from Wok This Way’s brilliant menu then go ahead and scroll to see what their food is all about.

A Huge Range of Appetizers at Wok This Way Restaurant

Of course, the Appetizers with the usual combination of soups come first. These have various dishes in chicken, prawns, shrimps and fish. Get prawn crackers with any of the soup in the Wok This Way’s menu started from Chicken Corn Soup, Hot N Sour Soup, Clear Soup, Straw Mushroom & Asparagus Soup and Meat Ball with Vegetable Soup to Chicken Noodle Soup, Szechuan Soup, Noodle Shrimp Soup and WTW Special Soup. You can have Spring Rolls, Fried Wontons, Dumplings and Chicken Drumsticks with your preferred soup. Chicken specialties also include Chicken Wings, Spicy Honey Wings, Finger Chicken and Paper Chicken to delight poultry lovers. For seafood lovers, Shrimp Toast, Finger fish, Tempura Prawns, Butterfly Prawns, Wasabi Prawns or Dynamite Shrimps are the most appetizing options.

Spicy and Sour Main Course at Wok This Way

Once you have had a taste of the appealing appetizers, get to the main course that offers spicy and sour Chinese & Thai food in Poultry, Beef and Seafood. For those who like hot food with chilies can opt either for Beef/Chicken Szechuan, Beef/Chicken Chili Dry/with Gravy and Kung Pao Beef/Chicken or Dried Red Pepper Chicken with Mushrooms, Mongolian Beef and Black Pepper Chicken/Beef. If you are looking for ordering savor dishes in chicken then go for Almond Chicken, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Chicken in Oyster Sauce, Chicken Manchurian, Chicken in Vegetables, Chicken Mushroom with Chinese Pickles, Lemon Sesame Spicy Chicken, Fried Chicken with Capsicum & Ginger Sauce, Hot Garlic Chicken, Chicken with Cashew Nuts. For beef, you can get Beef Capsicum & Ginger or Beef Oyster Sauce while in seafood you can have Prawns in Black Pepper Sauce, Prawns in Chili Dry, Shrimp Chili Dry, Hot & Spicy Prawn, Spicy Garlic Prawn, Sweet & Sour Fish, Dried Pepper Fish, Fried Pomfret Fish and Fish in Garlic & Button Mushroom. Of course, you can make it a meal with rice and noodles of your choice.

Whether it is a main course meal or a simple appetizer, cravings for Chinese and Thai food can only end if you order food with unique flavours from Wok This Way and get the delivery done through Cheetay.