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Victoria Grill Restaurant in Lahore

We are always looking for food options that are both flavourful and healthy. This is a rare combination to find since only a few eateries focus on the health aspect of food. Due to the fact that consumers nowadays have more information at their disposal, they are becoming aware and health-conscious, and are demanding food that is good for them. So for all those who are like us and want to eat delicious and healthy food for a change, then come on in. Let us introduce you to a place that offers exactly that. This place is Victoria Grill Restaurant, located in DHA Lahore.

The very special peri peri chicken

Their peri peri chicken is one of the best grilled chickens you will get to taste. It is so succulent and flavoursome, that every bite will leave you wanting more. You can get the quarter chicken, the half chicken which has two pieces, or the whole chicken if you are inviting some friends over. For a family get-together, option of family platter is also available which includes two whole chickens served with three sides and five drinks.

Other things on the menu

There are so many other delicious items on the menu that you will never run out of choice. If you are in the mood for some juicy gourmet burgers, then treat yourself at Victoria Grill. Their Argentinian Lamb Burger is especially prepared with an Argentinian recipe. It is made with juicy minced lamb, olive oil, goat’s cheese, and thee perfect combination of spices to bring the flavour together. Their Hangover Beef Burger is also one of a kind and has oyster sauce, jalapeno and parsley in it. The Victoria Grill beef burger is also heavenly with a flawless minced beef patty topped with melted cheese and paprika. All these burgers are truly worth every penny, trust us!

If you want to taste some exotic spices and salts then you have to order their peri peri chip dust fries, nacho cheese chip salt fries, and smokey BBQ chip salt fries. These fries are crispy, crunchy, and absolutely finger-licking delicious.

What if you can’t go to Victoria Grill? No Problem

We have the greatest solution for such an issue. Just order away from and chill out. All you have to do is visit Cheetay’s website or download its Android/IOS app. Then just wait for our Cheetahs as they deliver your food to your doorstep.