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Otus Lounge Restaurant in Lahore

Have you ever been in a pickle to choose which cuisine to eat? Or have you narrowed down your choices and can’t decide which one to choose from the final two? Sometimes you want to eat gourmet food but can’t decide either to go for Chinese or continental. You really sometimes want a dose of authentic Chinese in all its magnificent glory but you’re also in the mood for say a gourmet plate of a succulent piece of chicken blanketed in strips of turkey bacon further doused with a luscious layer of melted cheese complemented with sauteed vegetables and rice.

Well, if you get the best of both worlds you can always share your food or order what’s on both menus to satisfy your taste buds. Bohat dafa doston kay saath laraai hotee hai to decide between the two, worry not! You can always go to Otus Lounge where you’ll find the best of both worlds. Their menu consists of the most gourmet soups, salads, main courses and desserts you can think of. So let’s look at it this way, pehlay continental cuisine ki baaree baad mai chinese ki.

Their menu boasts a variety of dishes to send your taste buds in a food induced coma. Their appetizers include nachos, fish tempuras, chicken wings, hummus and a whole lot more. And in order to taste fine dining at its best their main courses such as Moroccan chicken, braised balsamic chicken, dijon tarragon chicken, Beef stroganoff and steaks will make you salivate and drool. Wait, there is more. Looking at their continental dishes will further whet your appetite since they have an assortment of dishes and soups on their menu like lao tom yam, Thai clear soup, hot and sour soup etc.

Moreover, their specialties like chicken chilli dry, orange chicken, sweet and sour beef, etc will be enough to satisfy you. Plus they have burgers and pizzas on their menu so they have everything you really dream of having under one roof. Now that you know what they offer, just sit back and chill at home. Wherever you live in Lahore, we deliver everywhere and our cheetahs will come sprinting at lightning speed to deliver whatever your heart desires. Just call our UAN number to place the order. For better convenience just download our App and place your order, we’ll be there in a jiffy!