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  • deleted, ptahatic seriously
  • Super grill is one of my most fav place for grilled burgers. must try
  • Best Burger Joint in Town. Ordered 3 super special burgers today and it was amazing
  • Good Quality. Good Taste. Quantity of Chicken in burger is too much. Chips are also good and more in quantity than KWC. I will prefer Super Grill on KWC.
  • i have ordered three burgers. in beef creamy double and super king. and one super whopper. All was fresh and super scrumptious and juicy. P.s ignore the other bad reviews, it was all from nearby grill competitor, using cheap tactics to defame Super grill.
  • Totally waste of money...Taste less burgers super grill.... Guys must try kwc ...very good taste kwc...kwc serve Marvellous burgers
  • Bad taste no freshness...uncooked chicken totally waste off money
  • tasteless burger dont try ...waste off money
  • very bad experience super grill
  • I ordered two jalapeno creamy beef burgers which are supposed two be double steak but the burgers delivered were single steak
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Super Grill in Lahore has Cheetay as its Food Delivery Partner!

Fancy a charcoaled steak burger rather than the fried patty one? Go ahead and order from Super Grill at Cheetay! It has both beef and chicken burgers to appetize your taste buds. So, go ahead and choose from Super grill’s menu on the website and app.

Burgers That You Will Never Let Go!

Order a Super Spicy & Yum Burger that has a tender chicken fillet grilled to make it juicy and soft. Topped with peppery sauce and crunchy vegetables, it melts into your mouth. A Super Gigi Burger is another option for you. Choose this if you are up for a steak with spicy sauces and pickled vegetables. If you are a fan of sour pickles, then order a Jalapeno Burger with jalapenos grilled and smoked chicken or beef steaks.

An Irresistible Challenge at Super Grill Burgers

If you have uncontrollable hunger pangs and would like to buy a burger that has value for money, then order Super Value Burger. This is filled with breast chicken fillet and stacked with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. You can also double the patty and get Super Whopper or Super Creamy burgers for your satisfaction. Super Grill Burger offers a Super King Beef Burger with double beef patties too. If you like challenges then you can order a triple patty Super Special Burger.

Make your burger meal into a Super Grill deal by getting fries and drink along with it from Cheetay and enjoy!