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Order Online from Simply Sufi Restaurant in Lahore via Cheetay

A name that we all have been hearing since childhood, that reminds us of home, comfort, and quality food. All this perfectly sums up Simply Sufi. A renowned brand that has grown considerably since its inception and is now bringing us the best quality fast food. This is one of those places that we should try just because we have been eating from the same old fast food chains so much so that we have forgotten what true comfort food tastes like. Let us bring variety back into our lives and feel nostalgic for a bit. Let’s experience Simply Sufi.

Have lunch with the gang

Get your gang together because this is what Simply Sufi is about. It offers tremendous lunch deals for everyone. So when you and your friends are looking for lunch options but don’t want to spend tons of money, these lunch deals will be ideal for you. They are especially great for students who are trying to save some cash because the prices are very reasonable. The first lunch deal has an XPRS chicken burger, XPRS spicy chicken burger, regular fries and two drinks. You get an option for two burgers which is always good.

The second deal has a share bucket which includes nine chicken pieces and a one litre drink bottle. So you will be covered for those afternoons where you just want to binge eat some fried chicken while watching your favourite TV show. Just so you know, we won’t judge if you get the entire bucket for yourself, ‘cuz we do the same.

Grilled or fried? Let’s decide

Quite a few alternatives are available in the XPRS premium meals. There is the chicken burger, XPRS spicy chicken burger, and the grilled chicken burger. What makes these burgers appetizing is the fresh buns with a nice subtle crisp that is effortlessly contrasted with a tender and juicy patty. Once you get the first bite, you won’t be able to put them down. 

Not in the mood for a burger? Try the wrap instead

When you get tired of eating burgers, hop onto the wraps menu. You can choose from the XPRS chapli wrap, seekh wrap, chicken rollers, and the crispy chicken wrap. If you want a drink and fries with the wrap too, then go for the XPRS reshmi wrap meal. With the perfect combination of spices and fillings, these wraps are simply mouth-watering.

So end your misery and order the right away! It doesn’t matter where you live because your food will reach you in no time. Put your trust in Cheetay and wait for the food. Visit the website or download the Cheetay app. No one will come between you and your food. That’s our promise.