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Shahbaz Tikka House Delivery is now through Cheetay!

A plateful of tender meat cooked in gravy full of herbs and spices, and garnished with shredded coriander, ginger and green chilies is all you want to eat with fresh naans from the tandoor. This is a tempting Karahi that is hard to ignore. At Shahbaz Tikka House, you can get this, BBQ Chicken, Tawa Special and Mutton Special dishes. All you have to do is order from Cheetay, its food delivery partner and make your meals special.

Mutton and Chicken Dishes offered by Shahbaz Tikka

The mutton lovers can have delicious Mutton Tikka and Mutton Chops or the juicy and spicy Mutton Kebabs from Shahbaz Tikka House. These dishes are marinated properly with herbs and spices for hours before they are barbequed. Once cooked, every morsel of the meat becomes even more flavourful. This is eaten with mint raita and hot naans. Devour a plateful of juicy and spicy Mutton Qeema cooked in ghee and finished off with freshly cut green chilies and coriander.

Shahbaz Tikka House is not just famous for mutton dishes. Its Chicken desi dishes are worth grabbing a bite. Order the popular, sub continental Chicken Karahi cooked with fresh tomato paste, spices and yogurt to give it a sour and peppery taste. Besides this, Shahbaz Tikka House delivery also offers a range of barbeque items such as Chicken Piece and kebabs, Thai Tikka, Rajhistani Tikka, Cheese Kebabs and Malai Boti. The aroma of these freshly cooked items engulfs your senses and makes your mouth water. When you taste the tender chicken along with a hot tandoori roti or naan and raita, you are mesmerized with the flavours that it produces.

Get anything that you like to eat from Shahbaz Tikka House’s Menu

To indulge into the rich and exotic dishes at Shahbaz Tikka House even more, order Drumsticks, Special Taka Tak, Special Tawa Piece, Maghaz Masala, Chicken Kebab Masala, Dil Plate and Special Chop too.

Get Shahbaz Tikka House deals or order a variety and make your meal a Shahbaz Tikka House Buffet. Order on Cheetay now!