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  • Rice kalm ty half pakt ho gai whan beith k kheo to zaaaa milty ghar my Kam baqi yummu❤️
  • Rice quantity has reduced about 25%. Earlier it was enough for a person but not now.
  • Serving size has reduced from before. It was almost half of the usual. Either its a fraud by the restaurant or the delivery guy.
  • Delivery charges are very high
  • Always excellent
  • Best Food in Lahore
  • For the purchase of 800 the delivery charges are 400. Even the price of savour food mentioned here is also already higher than at restaurant. Why one should opt Cheetay while Uber delivers it at much cheaper rate
  • Always the best.
  • Awesome food with loaded quantity!! Keep rocking!!
  • chor k bachay
  • delivery fee is too high 250 rs is delivery free and single plate is 220 not at all economical
  • First time ever i ate savour without raita and salad.. and gardan ki boti .. such a shitty experience
  • food is good butt poor delivery by delivery man chicken piece orderd butt not in the parcel.
  • Pefect stuff
  • Excellent Taste and Fresh Food.
  • Best restaurant every thing especially kabab and broast are delicious
  • Very disappointed with the raise in price after every few months. there was a time when Savour was affordable by almost every class but unfortunately the price hike is having no breaks. i have been enjoying it since my childhood. we understand that everything is getting expensive which requires rate revision however if done at this pace can leave many of us in thinking process if we should continue eating at Savour. this comment is only about the rates overall the taste is still the same and therefore we still enjoy it.
  • Best Pulao in Lahore.
  • good
  • best food and fastest delivery. Always a pleasure ordering
  • Slight improvement in chicken pc cooming needed. It was bit dry. Rest really great. Packing was also neat. Keep it up
  • "Savour" Savour ha :D
  • Good & Awesome Food
  • Great!
  • Everything is Perfect. Infact i am Giving my feedback during luunch...
  • Fries in savour crispo are old and very hard to eat.But rice are fresh and tasty.
  • And now they have cancelled delivery charges waiver on orders of more than Rs 500 and orders placed before 11 AM. KEEP IT UP
  • Please add Shami Kebab in Addons
  • made a big order today for rice considering experience with Hindi branch, but landed with utmost disappointment. 1. Quantity of rice was no where close to what is Savor's trade mark 2. rice weren't well cooked 3. chicken pieces were were hard to o chew
  • but need improvement
  • To much salt in rice and shami.
  • This time Kebabs were missing in one of the packets. Plus too much salt was added which literally destroyed the taste.
  • Too much salt in pulao and shami. difference of quality standard between Pindi and Lahore restaurants.
  • Delivery charges are too higher almost 85% of total value of meal _ Shadman to cantt is around 10 Km delivery charges 200 RS -20 Rs per KM :) Lolz making meals deals for fools
  • ghatia treenn. namk hi namak.. so sense ... not like pindi savour... fake... idiots.. waqas bryani much better
  • Koi phone hi receive ker raha bakwas service ha
  • bad service
  • Pulao, zarda, shami, ice cream, simple & nice. Will order again
  • Savour is exactly what you would expect from it
  • Good Value for money, however your service rates needs to be reviewed. Service tracking etc is very nice. 5 stars for your CHEETA delivery service.
  • One Raita is missing. The restaurant must be informed to be careful in future.
  • This time everything was Nice and awsome.
  • awesome ... taste good and wow rice love it..
  • Its awsome. Please just make sure to count number of raitas and salads.
  • Order time was a little more than normal but the quality was good as expected
  • Good quantity of rice with raita and salad. Served hot. Although it is very less spicy than biryani but I don't know why but everyone felt too thirsty after eating this pulao.
  • best and quality food. welldone..
  • Ordered and paid for chest piece with 4 pulao plates but instead got leg piece or other chicken piece. None of it was chest piece.
  • best food in pakistan...still beat those 5 star restaurants
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Savour Foods Restaurant in Lahore

Let us present a question here first. Who loves the traditional pulao? Never mind, don’t answer that, because we already know that everyone freaking loves pulao. If you don’t love pulao, please realize that this is not normal. You need to contemplate your life choices. Hard!

Another question targeted towards pulao lovers. Have you ever tried pulao from Savour foods? You have! Great. Now we can be best friends. Everyone knows that Savour has the best pulao ever! It originated from Rawalpindi, and then a branch was opened in Islamabad, making huge waves. They now have an outlet in Lahore too, which is great news for all their Lahori customers. No more waiting for that next trip to Isloo just so you can get your hands on Savour Foods. The Lahore outlet is located on Link Shadman Road.

What gives Savour foods an advantage over their competitors is the fact that they have their own rice mill. Having your own rice mill helps to ensure that quality is never compromised. So never expect poor quality rice when you eat at Savour.

Let’s dig in the menu, shall we

There is a variety of rice dishes that you can order from Savour Foods. The most popular are the chicken pulao, which is a platter of rice served with a chicken piece and shami kabab. Pulao kabab is also frequently ordered. It contains a platter of rice with two shami kababs served with salad and raita.

Other menu items include chicken roast, chicken piece, the traditional zarda, even french fries, burgers, and the Savour Krispo. Savour Krispo is their crispy chicken which they introduced back in 2002. So as you can see, the menu is not based solely around rice. For dessert, you can order kheer and ice cream for which there are a handful of different flavors available. Some of them include vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, kulfa, mango, tuitti fruiti, etc. The drinks menu includes tea, sabaz qehwa, and milk coffee.

Reasonably priced restaurant

You won’t believe how moderately priced everything on the menu is. You can entirely forgo cooking and order from here every day and still won’t go broke. We know this is an exaggerated claim, but you get the point, right. The price and quality combined have contributed to its popularity. Now don’t fret if you think the outlet is far away because Cheetay is ready to serve you. Just visit our website or order directly from the Cheetay app and get your garma garam pulao ASAP.