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Red Pepper Restaurant, Lahore

Can you name a restaurant that has ample food variety on top of being extremely delicious? We can! Its Red Pepper restaurant! One of the few places that has great food and great options, Red Pepper will most certainly satisfy all your food related needs. Whether you are having a night in with friends or have all your relatives at your place. You won’t need to worry because Red Pepper will save your life. So if you are bored of your previous go-to eateries and need change, then this place is perfect for you. It will cover all your lunch and dinner plans for the next decade or so.

Menu menu on the wall, what’s the yummiest of them all?

EVERYTHING! We cannot emphasize enough that you should try everything on the menu at least once in your life. If you are in the mood for Pakistani food, try brain masala or nawabi qourma in mutton or chicken. Apart from these, you can order from the many handi options (either chicken or mutton) and devour them with piping hot naans and rotis from the tandoor. You can not only get plain naan and roti, but also naans with fillings. There is cheese naan that will melt right in your mouth, the qeema naan that’s bursting with flavour, and the chicken naan and aloo naan that are crispy on the outside and decadently smooth on the inside.

Seafood Extravaganza

Whether you want prawns, fish, or lobster, Red Pepper has it all. With not just one, but several variations. For instance, if you feel like eating prawns, you can choose from red pepper special prawns, sweet and sour prawns, szechuan prawns, grilled jumbo prawns, and prawns in hot garlic sauce. Order one of each and delve in all the seafood goodness.

Try any of the chicken dishes

We promise you won’t regret this decision because all these dishes are delectable, with perfect masalas and mouth-watering gravies that will make you come back for more. You can order the red pepper special chicken, chicken Manchurian, black pepper chicken, chicken with roasted almonds, lemon chicken, sweet and sour chicken, chicken with cashew nuts, etc.

If you suddenly have guests over that you can’t drive all the way to Cavalry ground to get some great food, then just ask us and we will get it for you. Order through Cheetay and get your food fresh and hot wherever you live in Lahore. So hurry up and download the Cheetay app or visit our website for the fastest food delivery of your life.