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Craving for Chinese food? Order from Red Chilli now and make your mealtimes special. This restaurant is popular for dishes like Chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Manchurian, Mongolian Chicken and Chicken Chili Dry. Now that its digital menu is on Cheetay, you can make dishes from this restaurant come to you!

Red Chilli Menu Could Become your Favourite. Scroll to Know!

Spicy noodles with saut’ed vegetables and pieces of flavoured chicken are a combination that you would fall for. The Chicken Chow Mein that Red Chilli offers is irresistible! You can opt for rice and curry if noodles do not suit your mood. The curries include sweet and sour Chicken Manchurian, black peppered Mongolian Chicken and Chicken Chili Dry full of green chilies. All these mainly have capsicums, onions, carrots and mushrooms diced, saut’ed and mixed in gravies along with pieces of chicken chunks. Some have baby corn, bamboo shoots, green onions, broccoli and cabbages to add to the flavours. Of course, the colorful vegetables bring vibrance to the dishes too making them even more appetizing. These dishes are eaten with Chicken Fried Rice, that is, tender basmati rice with soy sauce, stir-fried vegetables, pieces of scrambled eggs and chunks of marinated chicken.

Red Chilli Fast Food for you to Order

Beside all this, Red Chilli has a fast food section that offers Chicken Burgers, Shawarma and Sandwiches. The Burgers have crispy chicken, lettuce and mayonnaise stacked between sesame buns. If you like chicken packed in pita bread and wrapped in sauces then order a Chicken Shawarma. Or get yourself BBQ and Tikka Smoked sandwiches stacked with jalapenos, onion, bell peppers, black olives and tomatoes wrapped with BBQ sauce or just mayonnaise.

Red Chilli Delivery services on Cheetay are ready! So, order the dishes that you like and make your meals worth being spent time and money.