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Red Apple Restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan

We all have our favourite go to places. The one place which we all depend on come high or hellwater. One restaurant which you and your friends can never say no to! You are so intimately familiar with the menu that you do not even need to see it. One thing is for sure, everything on the menu is worth trying. We all need a desi fast food joint which caters to our cravings. Either it’s for lunch, snacks or dinner. There should be a place which has an assortment of items on their menu so diverse that you get spoiled for choice. We all love variety don’t we?

I mean come on, we all want options and variety to the extent that each passing item on the menu excites you and is good enough for you to order. Even though you may not but still there’s always a next time to try everything you see. Moreover, we’re always trying new places, on the lookout to try new cuisines and do something which isn’t bound to the world of conventionality and norms. For the go getters out there, you can’t stick to just one eatery because we all love change. Whether it’s food, travelling, reading books, meeting new people, etc it’s always better when you enter unchartered territory and try new things.

The same goes for food! Wouldn’t you get bored of eating the same old burger, a tikka piece or biryani from the same place? The world would be an exceptionally boring place if people weren’t willing or prone to trying new things. So when you want to try something new, Red Apple will give you a break from the monotony of eating or ordering from the same restaurant you do every day just because it’s very close by or next door.

Their vast menu will make you drool and certainly whet your appetite, so if you have friends over for a sleepover, want to order snacks for guests, want a quick fix dinner or a hearty lunch at work, their menu has everything for you. From paratha rolls (chicken and beef), BBQ options, an assortment of french fries, burgers, sandwiches, broasts, etc. So yes whatever you’re in the mood for Red Apple will surely make it worthwhile. Since they have barbeque on their menu, all those fitness fanatics can take a sigh of relief, plus if it’s your cheat day they have more than enough for you to munch on.

Let’s just cut to the chase, what we really want to say is that you want to eat something quick but aren’t willing to drive all the way just to have it. You want it to be delivered to you, instantly, while it’s hot and fresh right? Yes we understand, and that is where we come in. Your prayers have been answered. All you have to do is call our UAN number to place the order or download our App. It is that simple.

So just sit back and do whatever you had planned to do. Have fun while our swift Cheetahs will deliver your order in no time!