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Nadeem Tikka Restaurant in Lahore

Nadeem Tikka Restaurant in Lahore

Don’t you just love the mesmerizing whiff of barbecue food fresh off the grill? When you start to salivate just at the mere thought of having some mouth-watering grilled chicken and kebabs. Barbecue food is something that is hard to resist. Especially in the winter months, when the sizzling hot tikkas and kebabs perfectly complements the chilly weather. But the thing about barbecue and more specifically desi food is, that it has to be perfect! One of our favourite places to get some perfect desi food is Nadeem Tikka in Lahore. All their dishes are excellent in terms of taste and even price. So you need to try it out.

The delicious menu of Nadeem Tikka

There are a variety of dishes on their menu. So whatever your preference is, you can get it here. Let’s get into the Chicken Grill menu first. There are so many delicious options to choose from and you will want to try everything. Order their Barbecue Mix Platter which offers a little bit of everything. Other items available are Chicken Gola Kebab, Special Cheese Kebab, Chicken Malai Boti, Chicken Behari Boti, Chicken Behari Kebab, Chicken Kebab, and a lot more scrumptious things.

Next let’s talk about the Nadeem Special menu. There is the Nadeem Special Handi, Chicken BBQ Butter Masala, Rajastani Chicken Handi, Chicken Hyderabadi, Chicken Hara Masala, Chicken Makhni, Chicken Jalfrezi, Mutton Handi, Fish Handi, and several other variations. All the handis are cooked to perfect, will melt in your mouth meat and the perfect level of spice. Pair them with the piping hot tandoor ki roti and naan, and you won’t be able to stop yourself.

You can also get great Chinese food, Peshawari food, and Afghani Cuisine at Nadeem Tikka.

The best place to eat with your family and friends

If you are in the mood to party and invite all your friends and family over, then order food online from Nadeem Tikka and you will have a night to remember. They prepare every dish with utmost care using the perfect recipes making the taste truly unforgettable. The prices are also reasonable so it won’t be heavy on your wallet.

Order Online with Cheetay

Now you can have the delicious food from Nadeem Tikka in the comfort of your own home. Host a dinner party and order food through Cheetay. Just download the Cheetay app or visit the Cheetay website to have the best food experience of your life. So what are you waiting for, order right away and have a night to remember.