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  • Worst burger selling rotten chicken to customers smell coming from burger
  • Ordered Yum Pum, Food was good. Issues in Delivery time, that's cheetay's fault.
  • don't order from here, it takes forever!!! I don't know if it's cheetay's fault or my burger but I've ordered 3 times and only once it was delivered within 1 hour, once it was cancelled after 2 hours because they said they couldn't deliver and once it took 3+ hours I kept waiting and waiting... but the burger is really good and economical, definitely recommend their burgers just the delivery time is very very long
  • Worst Experience! We ordered food form this Restaurant more than 5 times and first 3 times were good but last time and today at October 18, Friday 2019 they delivered the worst food it looks like they have send the food from yesterday. Good bye My burger! its last time we order food from your bloody restaurant. Fuck you Motherfuckers for your shitty food.
  • Good But Not Tasty..
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My Burger - Your Burger!

My Burger is a Grill Burger Restaurant serving ultimate grilled burgers at economical prices. They bring you the best dishes at extremely reasonable prices. They offer a variety of mouth-watering burgers that will tingle your senses and leave you wanting more and more. What makes My Burger your go to choice for fast food is its exotic taste and it is completely affordable!

Beefy Choice!

The Yup Pum Burger has a juicy stack of beef and is made even more delicious with the special My Burger sauce. This delicious double beef monster satisfies all your burger and meat cravings. The yummy patty of the Chunky Burger with sweet pineapples makes the perfect combination of sweet and spicy.

It is Super!

The Super Duper Burger is one of the most popular options of My Burger. It consists of a double chicken breast fillet topped with lettuce and tomatoes. The succulent patty makes the entire experience of eating worthwhile. What more could you ask for?

Cheeky Choice!

The Chicky Subwich is a must have for all chicken lovers and a delicious fillet made to make your taste buds happy. The Spicy and YUMmmm Burger is exactly like the name suggests: YUM! Experience a scrumptious chicken Thai fillet that will leave you wanting more.

Something for Everyone!

The Value Burger gives you complete value for money with its juicy patty. The jalapenos add a kick to the flavor of the burger and tingle your senses. Enjoy the ultimate taste of their Jalapeno Beef Burger and add a little spice to your life. Try their Classic Beef Burger for a simple yet flavorful beef patty burger topped with yummy pickles and their special sauce.

Fries before Everything!

Burgers are not complete without fries. They are made from the best potatoes and are not too oily. So, do not forget to add fries to your meal; ranging from plain, masala to garlic mayo, the choice is completely yours. Choose My Burger; You will not be disappointed.

Make it a Meal!

Add your favorite drink to the order and enjoy a delicious meal from a great restaurant right at the comfort of your home. What makes a good burger is what is on the inside and the condiments that are taken alongside it. That is what makes this restaurant more appealing than others. Their fries and drinks are not expensive and make the meal absolutely perfect.

Cheetay - Treat Yo’ Self.

Cheetay is your one stop to get everything you need to make your day better. My Burger brings you the best burgers in Lahore. We will bring your order wherever you are at the click of a button. Order burgers online from My Burger and treat yourself. Add your items to the cart and click checkout. You can even track your rider to ensure that your order is being delivered on time. Let us do the rest!