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  • Good pizza
  • It was good experience to place order of pizza . It's taste was so good.
  • Delicious

Mozzarella 27 Restaurant in Lahore

What’s a classic Friday night meal? Pizza. How about when you can’t decide what to eat when you’re out with friends? Pizza sounds good. Or when you’ve got an office lunch and you need to order in something? Again, pizza. Or when you break up with your partner? Pizza understands. We mean this really is a no brainer - pizza is an all-time favourite meal that never disappoints. And when it’s from Mozzarella 27, you’re guaranteed to get exciting flavours like chicken tikka, fajita and pepperoni, and authentic tastes with their special thin crust pizzas. Of course sometimes pizza alone is not enough and for that you can add on your favourite appetizers ranging from cheesy bread, chicken wings and potato wedges. Mozzarella 27 in Lahore is your one stop pizza bar where you can get pizza, sandwiches, lasagna, pastas and even desserts like molten lava cake and tiramisu. You really shouldn’t be looking further than Mozzarella 27 because they’ve got everything you need.

Pizza Delivery in Lahore

Of course, finding a table isn’t always easy. Or parking. Or the motivation to get dressed and leave the house. The struggle is real and we understand. So why not order in through so that there’s no inconvenience to you and we do the dirty work of placing the order, trekking through Lahore’s traffic and waiting in line for you. Our Cheetahs travel to every nook of Lahore so don’t worry. Wherever you are, Cheetay riders will bring your food to you. All you have to do is place the order. And with the Cheetay app, placing an order is even easier. So tell us, kya chahiye?