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What Is Your Comfort Cafe ?

We all have a favourite hang out place, the go to cafe when you and your friends can’t agree on anything else but there is always that one place everyone unanimously agrees to go to. The one place that has a steak for your meat loving friend, a chicken burger for the fat one and something desi for your non-burger friend. It is the cafe that you will always end up going to when you can’t decide where else to go or what exactly you’re in the mood to eat because it has your comfort meal. It’s also the perfect place for you to just walk in in your pajamas to quickly grab your takeaway order casual and comfortable. It’s basically like your second home where you and your friends always drop by, even if just for a drink. What’s that place for you?

Mouthful Cafe in Lahore

One such cafe that comes to our mind is Mouthful Cafe in Lahore, the perfect hangout spot where there’s not a long extensive menu but just a couple of good items that you know will taste good. Mouthful Cafe has got delicious starters like tandoori chicken wings, Mediterranean chicken chunks and their signature omelette served all day long. If that’s not what you fancy, then how about one of their signature mains? They’ve got philly cheese steak sandwich, beer can chicken, chicken burger, veal burger, lamb kebabs, grilled chicken, a fresh vegetable noodle salad bowl, pan seared fish fillet and much more. If you’re just dropping by for a quick refreshing drink, their mint lemonata lemonade is worth trying. And you’ll probably be going back just for that. So you see, if you’ve got a grumbling stomach but no time to decide too long on what to eat and where to eat, Mouthful Cafe should be your go to place if it isn’t already.

Delivery From Mouthful Cafe

We understand though that sometimes you’re craving a cheese melting philly steak sandwich from Mouthful Cafe in Defense but are stuck in office and can’t go out for lunch. Or sometimes, you’ve got some extra guests at home for dinner and you want to add something extra to your menu quickly but can’t go out to grab Mouthful’s kebabs. Then there are times when you’re just lazy in bed, binge watching your favourite show and refuse to step out of the house in the cold, foggy night. At times like these, didn’t you wish there was someone to save you? Someone who picks up your order and delivers it for you? Who will wait in line for you? Who will make sure your food is hot and the order is right? And someone who will even grab anything else on the way for you. That’s right when you order through Cheetay, you can request your rider to pick something else on the way too, like a box of cigarettes or a bottle of coke and Cheetay will bring it to you. So order through the Cheetay website or the app now for a quick delivery service.