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Good News for Food Lovers of Mei Kong in Pakistan

Step into a world where all your heart’s desires are met. A place where there is no limit to what you can have. A haven of everything you could ever want, without any limitations. You must be wondering what is this place? Well, this place is a restaurant called Mei Kong in Lahore and it is only for food lovers because only foodies can truly appreciate the value of Mei Kong restaurant. Why, you may ask? Well, let’s start with their wide array of appetizers and soups. They’ve got honey wings, chicken tempura, fried wonton that you can pair with their special hot and sour soup, chicken corn soup, chicken cream soup or special wonton noodle soup. Moving on to their huge sea food menu, you can get the sea salmon in garlic sauce, crispy fried fish and chips, prawns with cashew nuts, sweet and sour fish, tiger prawns with soya sauce and chillies or a Thai style Lobster. For your main course, you can get a selection of Chinese rice such as garlic fried rice, beef and chillies fried rice, mutton fried rice, egg fried rice or chicken and vegetable fried rice. Pair that with a chicken or beef gravy such as chicken mushrooms with garlic sauce, chicken Manchurian, beef with garlic sauce, Thai chicken with three leaves, Thai oyster chicken, Thai sweet chillies chicken, beef with green chillies or beef with cashew nuts thai style and so much more! If you want chopsuey or noodles, look no further than Mei Kong and try their chicken chopsuey, American chopsuey, chicken chowmein, vegetable chowmein or beef chowmein.

A lot more from Mei Kong Restaurant in Lahore

But don’t be fooled by the name of the restaurant! They’ve got Pakistani cuisine and a barbecue menu too! From mutton handi to chicken Madrasi style; special daal maash to chicken jalfrezi; chicken malai boti to Rajasthani boti; mutton seekh kebab to mutton chops; Afghani chicken boti to Afghani chicken kebab and reshmi kebabs: Mei Kong has got it all! It doesn’t stop there. They’ve also got burgers and sandwiches like beef burger, club sandwich and chicken burger and steaks like chicken Mexican steak, Italian chicken steak, beef pepper steak and so much more! With such a big menu and so many dishes to choose from, it’s definitely a place where all your heart’s desires are met and no limit to what you can have!

Deliver from Mei Kong Restaurant in Lahore

Not only is there no limit to what you can have from Mei Kong but also no limit to when you can have it. Cheetay will deliver your meal from Mei Kong to you wherever you are, whenever you want it. Barkat Market can be really far if you’re in Defense or on Mall Road and even Gulberg if you’re stuck in the endless traffic. So, let cheetay riders bring your food to you. Download the cheetay app now and order away!