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Order Pizza from Manhattan Bites Restaurant in Lahore

When people say size doesn’t matter, be sure to know that they’re lying. Everyone wants it to be big because bigger is always better. And what’s the best Big thing you can have? Please we ain't that dirty. What we are talking about are Pizzas. You don’t get to eat proper pizzas these days. All you get to eat is a crusty pizza which is chewy where the bread is so overcooked that it’s hard cutting into it. Apart from the flaky bread, the pizza is as dry as Donald Trump’s humour. It lacks the right amount of red sauce which makes it juicy and zesty. Most pizzas these days lack the flavourful punch of the sourness of a good tomato sauce base. Don’t get us started on how less and scanty the amount of cheese there is. You hardly get to see any mozzarella on the pizza and what’s worse is that there is just a slight topping of cheddar.

Who wants a dry pizza with just chicken and veggie toppings? You want it to be perfect. A perfectly crispy crust that crumbles in your mouth as your palette gets a surge of a deliciously acid tomato sauce which is immediately balanced by the splurge of hot melted mozzarella and cheddar in your mouth. It is best when you get to taste salami or slices of smoked chicken in the bite. The pizza needs oomph to make it special and different from the vast array of others that you see everywhere.

When you usually order pizza you always end up wanting more since hameesha koi aur ajata hai ya koi dost zaroor ajata hai! You always think you should have ordered more since the serving size is usually not enough. Well, you’re in luck, if you like it Big! We know you do. Manhattan Bites pizza is just a phone call away.

Their menu is to die for! Their pizzas are colossal, and when we say huge, we mean it. You’ll get to taste pizzas that are large enough to feed dozens of people. No matter how many people are over rest assured everyone would go home full and happy. Even a single slice will make you considerably full. Plus you can have dips to make the experience all the more better.

The best thing is that you can choose sides as well to make the binge-fest all the more tantalizing. The sides include potato skins, wedges, spuds, and salads. What makes it better is that they offer various deals with different flavours if pizzas, sides, and drinks. Their cheese slathered pizzas are worth having which will leave you extremely satisfied. Moreover, the pizzas are packed full of vegetables and the meat of your choice. Every morsel will give you the taste and satisfaction you crave.

The next time you have a get-together and have people over, or if it’s a birthday or any event you can easily order it. All you have to do is go to our website and place your order. Or you can download our App for greater continence. You’ll see that your order will be swiftly delivered to you at your doorstep. Leave all the hassle to us and order away.