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  • bakwas quality ha aur very much expensive .... food was not having a single bit taste even there Shawarma was like what is this?
  • order falafel wrap ,,,,, daal walay 2 kabab laga kr 3 chips ke dano sy wrap bana diya ,,, taste [0/10],, never order again
  • One of the best for Arabian Broast! The Shawarma is the closest to an Arab style as well! Definitely try it if you're from Saudi Arabia! Only downside is by the time delivery arrives, the food is at room temperature, and that obviously affects the taste. Dine it out at the restaurant itself and you won't be disappointed! [8.8/10 Taste] [7/10 Delivery]
  • it was delicious chicken. but the fries were less in quantity and the order was cold. however I love mangal
  • Cold , chicken bloody veins ..... Quality low
  • Taste of chicken was not good and just some piece of fries
  • The order came after 3.5 hours and the taste of the chicken was not good and not fresh also.
  • Dil to kr raha hai galli likhon 2 piece 3 chipa k pirce fitty muhh deal da. 50 main is se cha ajata 210 haram gae
  • Disgusting. Totally fazol, small 2 pieces of chicken with few fries ????
  • food is cold and fries just 3piece aprove your deal
  • Fazool
  • Ordered breast combo deal. The broast was average (nothing special)
  • The restaurant didn't send my drinks both time :(
  • Wasn't expecting this taste , pathetic Bread isnt fresh Sauce is tasteless U cant claim it an Arabic taste & kitchen
  • Ma sha Allah, real arabic shawarma. Quality and taste of ingredients was top notch. Highly recommended.
  • Was accepting Arabic food but unfortunately it was not Hamus taste was like Flour mixed and If u mention in your Menue some thing then mention clearly thr quantity as well Fatoosh was just ok and Garlic was Mayonnaise mixed garlic not like Arabic so sorry Mangal You are fail to deliver Arabic Food specially for those who knows the taste of real arabic food
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