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London Melt Restaurant in Lahore

Pizza is a go-to food for almost everyone. Mostly when we’re out with friends and undecided on what to order, pizza is the obvious choice that everyone agrees with. Since it comes with tons of flavours and options, everyone can get their favourite. London melt, that has its outlet in Wapda Town, Lahore, is well known for its pizzas. But the great thing is, its menu is not limited to pizza alone. You can find burgers and all kinds of pasta too!

What smells like joy? Pizza!

Starting off with pizza, you can get cheese loaded, mighty meaty, pepperoni passion, green street, olive garden, chicken tikka, and fajita sizzler. There is something for everyone. It’s not one of those places that has a variety of fancy names mentioned on the menu, but when you order from them, each one tastes exactly the same. At London Melt, each flavour is truly identifiable so you can experience every topping to the fullest. Their pizzas are also loaded with cheese. With every bite you will find yourself getting lost in the cheesy goodness of melted cheddar, so no regrets on the cheese front either. There is also just the right amount of freshly made tomato sauce too, so you won’t have to deal with a soggy base. All in all, it gets a huge thumbs up.

One very interesting option is available at this restaurant. You can get your very own ‘custom-made pizza’! With the toppings of your choice, get creative and make your own version.

Next stop, burgers and pasta!

Imagine biting into a huge juicy burger, with crunchy lettuce, melted cheddar, a beautiful combination of mouth-watering sauces between nicely toasted buns. Now stop imagining and order from the London Melt’s burger menu because this is what you will get! They serve the classic crispy chicken burger, chicken patty burger, veggie patty burger (if you are a veggie lover), mighty zinger, and the thunder fillet burger. The thunder fillet burger is one of the most popular ones. With a truly ‘thunderous’ fillet inside, it is sure to satisfy all your burger cravings!

Under the pasta menu, Cajun chicken pasta and chicken lasagne are available. You can smell their sizzling cheesy goodness from afar.

It’s okay if you are a couch potato

We are not asking you to put in all this effort and leave your comfy couch to drive all the way to London Melt. We offer shortcuts. If you are lazy, consider us your best friend. All you gotta do is open your browser and visit Cheetay’s website. Another option is to download the Cheetay app and order your favourite pizza, burger, pasta, dessert, and whatever you may please. Your food will reach you in a snap. So what’s the hold up? Order away!