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Lahorelicious Shop in Lahore

Some of life’s greatest pleasures are found in little things, like ice cream. A sweet ice cream for dessert after lunch. A cold ice cream to cool off on a hot summer afternoon. Or ice cream to binge eat while watching your favourite movie because ice cream understands. Do we need to give you any more excuses to eat ice cream? Because we’re planning on getting one right after we’re done here.

Order Lahorelicious Ice Cream Online Through Cheetay

And not just any ice cream, we want the best ice cream in Lahore. We’re talking about Lahorelicious which serves home-made ice cream in a wide variety of flavours. They’ve got delicious flavors like vanilla oreo, salted butter caramel, saffron kulfa, almond praline and much more. What’s better, Lahorelicious even makes dairy ice cream in strawberry and coconut kulfa flavour so that everyone can enjoy.

But the only way to eat delicious home-made ice cream from Lahorelicious is to order through cheetay. That way, you can truly enjoy a cold tub of 1 litre of ice cream in any flavour in the comfort of your own house. So don’t delay- cheetay delivers everything and anything from anywhere in Lahore. Cheetay will deliver your ice cream while it's cold so there’s no inconvenience to you. So order through the cheetay website or the app now!