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La Fruita juice in Lahore

If you have been looking for a place to get the freshest and yummiest fresh juices in Lahore. Then today is your lucky day. Let us introduce you to La Fruita. This is THE place for the healthiest and most flavourful juices in town. You will get a ton of options. Whatever flavour you want, they will have it for sure. The health junkie in you will also be very excited. No more packaged or processed juices that only ‘claim’ to be healthy. Get the real deal right here. This place will become part of your everyday ritual. Whether you are on a liquid cleansing diet or just looking for a fun drink to cool off in this heat wave, this is just the place for you.

Some of the juices on the menu

Imagine yourself drinking an ice cold glass of some fresh juice under the blazing sun, the coolness of it bringing solace to your parched soul. Ah! Such weather definitely calls for some fruity deliciousness. There are just so many options to choose from like the red anaar juice, white anaar juice, pineapple, strawberry, amrood, musammi, kinno, grapefruit, apple, dogar special cocktail, mango, grapes, cheeko, falsa, aloo bukhara, cherry, pina colada cocktail, khubani, watermelon, kharbooza, lemon soda, papeeta, lychee, and jammun juice. Amazing, right?

Did someone say ice cream?

We did! Since ice cream is something that is loved by everyone, La Fruita has a jolly good variety in that category too. All flavours are super creamy and delicious. So it’s time to let go of those store bought ice creams and get yourself the best frozen dessert. That instant feeling of brain freeze after you take a huge first bite of ice cream is the best part of it. You can get mango, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, pista, kulfa, pineapple, and tutti fruiti. Get adventurous and try each of them at least once. Otherwise, you will be missing out on so much.

Shake it off!

We don’t know about you but milk shakes remind us of our childhood. Such happy times with no care in the world. Who doesn’t love a rich and frothy milk shake? So for all the shake loving folks, La Fruita has some enthralling options available. Whether you like ice cream shakes or fruit shakes, you won’t be disappointed. Chocolate ice cream shake, vanilla ice cream, mango ice cream, strawberry ice cream are some of the flavours in the ‘ice cream shakes’ category. Other milk shakes you can try are the mango milk shake, strawberry milk shake, apple, khajoor, khoya khajoor, and kajoo/badaam milk shakes. Truly divine, each of them.

We know you have been reading this very patiently even in this hot weather, but we won’t keep you waiting anymore. Just chill out, turn on the AC and get yourself some goodies from La Fruita without breaking a sweat. That’s right. Stay where you are and order through Cheetay. You just have to visit the website or download the Cheetay app to place an order. Then wait for the rider while he brings you your favourite ice cream.