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  • Ordered double steak burger but was single steak.
  • taste was good but food was cold
  • hard chicken
  • very Good Taste kwc love
  • so Delicious burgers kwc is best
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KWC’s Amazing Grill Burgers at Cheetay!

A sizzling hot and tender chicken/beef patty topped with tangy and spicy sauces, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy vegetables and gooey cheese between soft sesame or simple buns is all you want to eat in order to fulfill your appetite. If this is served with crispy French Fries and freshly made coleslaw, it becomes a pleasing eatery! KWC has this and more, ready to be served at any place and at any time through - its ultimate food delivery partner. Scroll to see what KWC restaurant, Iqbal Town, Lahore brings to your table!

Delivering KWC’s Food at Cheetay’s Extraordinary Speed!

KWC restaurant menu offers a series of grilled chicken and beef burgers with flavours such as Jigi Jigi, Creamy, Milano, Spicy Red, Rango, Tango and Yum Pum. The names of the burgers are not the only ones changing, their flavours and number of steaks or patties inside also change. So, you can have a maximum of three and a minimum of one steak with a sauce of your choice. A Jigi Jigi Burger has a fire hot steak with sour ketchup with a zing, fresh vegetables and buns. If you like white sauce on top of the steak then, get creamy burgers ranging from Creamy Sauce, Creamy Super Duper and Creamy Jumbo Super Duper. A steak with Italian seasoning, that is, herbs such as basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme is a Milano burger that melts in your mouth. Order Spicy Red Burger if you are in a mood for a spicy chili steak with fiery hot sauces along with crunchy vegetables. If you want beef burgers with a twist then get Rango, Tango or Yum Pum burgers full with B.B.Q. and ranch sauces and simple buns.

KWC’s restaurant menu is concise but full of taste and affordable burger variety. So, when you feel like getting fast food delivered from an inexpensive place, order KWC from Cheetay and enjoy!