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Kitchen Cuisine Food Delivery from Cheetay

A rich Chocolate Fudge Cake drizzled with chocolate syrup or a Roasted Beef Sandwich from Kitchen Cuisine will make your day. Whether you are on a diet or are simply letting yourself go, eating your favourite food is a treat. At Kitchen Cuisine all your cravings come to a rest once you see the extraordinary variety of desserts, sandwiches, and snacks laid out in front of you. Who says you actually need to go to the shop and satiate your hunger pangs? You can just simply order online through Cheetay and get it delivered at your destination with a single click!

Know Your Preference for Kitchen Cuisine Cakes

Kitchen Cuisine has a rich palate for all. If you are a chocolate lover, then get any from the melting Black Forest cakes, Chocolate Layered or Mousse cakes, Brownie Mousse, Chocolate eclair, Speckled, Double Chocolate Fudge or Mousse Layer Cakes, Chocolate Souffle’ Cake, Chocolate Marble Cake or Chocolate Opera Cake, French Black Forest Cake, Choco Delight Fudge Cake, Best Ever Chocolate cake or that Dark Chocolate Devil-S-Food Cake from Kitchen Cuisine menu. You could also go for a simple Chocolate Brownie that melts in your mouth the moment you take a bite. If you like a combination in chocolate cakes then either get a Chocolate Coffee Log, Caramel Coffee Cake, Caramel Crunch Cake, Chocolate Pistachio Cake, Chocolate Orange Cake, Ferrero Rocher Cake, After Eight Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Praline Crunch Cake, Chocolate Nutella Cake, Chocolate Cake With Glazed Fruits, Kitkat Chocolate Cream Cake or Coffee Eclair Cake.

Of course there are flavours other than chocolate as well. You could order a Strawberry Sponge Cream Log, Strawberry Mousse Cake, a Fresh Strawberry Roll or a string of Cheesecakes such as Fresh Strawberry and Strawberry Sponge. A piece from Mango Sponge Cream Cake, pineapple sponge mousse cake, Carrot Cake, Peach Orange Mousse Cake, Lemon Curd Cake, Blueberry Marble Cake or Victoria Raspberry Cake can be a delight as well.

Tea Parties or Takeaway Lunches and Dinners - Get anything from Kitchen Cuisine

How about a perfect Puff Pastry Cake or Puff Pistachio Cake for tea? And if you can, then enjoy some of that Chiffon Cake, Mixed Fruit Cake or a Red Velvet Cake as well. Snacks do not just have to be sweet you know. They can also be savoury and Kitchen Cuisine is best at it. It offers Pizza, Spinach & Cheese Patty, Chicken Patties, Vegetable Patties, Cheese Stick, Hunter's Beef Sandwich, Chicken Tikka Croissant, Chicken Fillet Croissant, and Calzone with Chicken Tikka, Caramelized Onion Mushroom & Cheese Tartlets, Chicken Mushroom Crepe Roll, Pizza Sandwich, Tomato Cheese Croissant, Sausage Croissant, Chicken Roll, Mini Croissant, Sausage Roll and Spring Roll. This is more than enough for an engaging tea party full of delicious food, mirth and excellent humour.

Kitchen Cuisine in Lahore is the hub for snacks and mouth-watering desserts. But that is not it. You can also get an interesting lunch or dinner that is fresh and filling as soon as you order online from Cheetay.