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Kickstart Cafe in Lahore

We’re all living in a time where life is too fast. Everyone is in a rush. We are juggling multiple things at a time because our schedules are way too hectic. Half the time we are distracted. In times like these, we rarely take a break to think about ourselves and what we want. Same thing happens when it comes to food. We need a place where we can get maximum choice and great taste without worrying about tiny details because who’s got the time anyway. Kickstart Café is exactly that place. Good food, divine taste, and fantastic prices for all us fast-paced individuals.

Let’s get snackin’

The Kickstart café menu is quite impressive. Everything from burgers, sandwiches and wraps, and even Chinese food is available. An array of sandwiches is on the menu. There is ‘chick-a-buddy’ with a grilled chicken breast piece slathered with honey mustard sauce; boot strapped club sandwich made with triple layered toasted bread with eggs, cheese and chicken; and the Texas BBQ pulled sandwich which is prepared with crock pot chicken in kickstarts special worcestreshire and BBQ sauce.

You will get some of the tastiest burgers at Kickstart café. One very popular choice is the kickstart special burger which you can get in either beef or chicken. The succulent patty is tossed in oyster sauce and their special honey mustard sauce with loads of melted cheddar cheese on top. Sounds divine, doesn’t it? Well it is. The king of the grill burger and kick cracker zinger are also a must-have.

An all-day breakfast? Count us in!

Breakfast is probably everyone’s favourite meal of the day. And Kickstart café knows it. So they bring us an all-day breakfast menu! Whatever the time, you can have all the aloo parathas, anda parathas, cheese and veg omelettes, all Americano, French toasts, and mushroom and cheese omelettes you want.

If you just want a nice little beverage to ‘kick start’ your day, then a number of options for that are available too. If you want to feel mellow and calm your nerves, try their green tea, cardamom tea, classical English tea, or the desi doodh patti. Or if you want to wake up your brain, get a nice aromatic cup of coffee. There is black coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, mochachino, and their specialty coffee which is coffee from around the world.

Time to place your order

To help you save more of your precious time, we at Cheetay are at your service. No need to go all the way to the café you can just ask us. Whether you are stuck at the office or are having a jam packed day at university, we will make sure you get your food on time.