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  • Order never arrived
  • food quality and packing were very rough.
  • Awesome
  • y cancel my order
  • they never delivered the order...fuck them
  • bakwass 2 ghanty ho gae hanorder abhi tk nae aya
  • 1st experience on cheetay and got this tasty biryani in very good price.
  • Very poor service....
  • i orderd 1.10pm and recived order 6.45pm / between the time i calld 5 to 6 time cheetay help line and krachi red rock but all bull shit
  • Very pathetic services
  • The most pathetic service ever, with no respect of the customer's time. The delivery guys regularly mix or forget yo bring cold drinks while today he forgot my whole order and came with only my slip. If you guys cannot handle online service then why stick your nose in it? just get out and let the proper brands do the work? why humiliate customers like this?
  • pathetic pathetic and pathetic never gonna order this again total wastage of money
  • Bohat hi bakwas , sauce seems expired. Very few chicken pieces inside and that too seems old one. Bad experience
  • I must say it was a good order. I ordered paratha roll. And the rider was also good. The bill he brought was 179 and on cheetah it was 149. he didn't ask for pkr 30. Either cheetah needs to correct it or red Rock needs to. looking forward to order more from Red Rock.
  • good
  • Taste was OK but, food was not freshly cooked.
  • Good Taste
  • order not dilivered
  • Fasntastic Deal 2 paratha Roll & soft Drink only 150 with Delivery Lag rhaa tha fake ha but its orignal Now
  • well done
  • I ordered karahi.. it was smelly.
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Cheetay behind Karachi Red Rock’s Delivery

If you want tender chicken or beef with cheese or mayonnaise and bits of freshly grated vegetables rolled in a paratha, then Karachi Red Rock is your ultimate choice. Its deliciousness will sweep you off the ground. But, how can you get a paratha roll delivered to your destination? Of course, its food delivery partner, Cheetay can get your most craved for meal as rapidly as it claims.

The Famous Karachi Paratha Rolls

It is quite interesting to see a variety of paratha rolls that you can order online. If you scroll through the menu, you will realize that you have the power to make your own meal and not just choose from the usual. You can get Chicken paratha roll with assortments such as Bihari Mayo, Bihari Cheese, Malai, Breast, Jumbo, Zinger, Cheese Double Slice, Chat Pata, German, Kebab, Kasturi, Double Kabab, Seekh Kabab, Pasha, Jumbo Cheese, Jumbo Mayo and Platter. If you like beef or mutton more than chicken then go either for simple Beef, Mayo, Single Kebab, Single Cheese, Beef Double, Beef Cheese Slice, Chat Pata, Special, Rabic, Double Kebab or Double Cheese.

The Local Paratha Dishes

Take a look at the simple parathas if a roll does not offer you much. These parathas layered with ghee could have your favourite fillings or could come with complementary dishes. These include Chicken, Beef Cheese, Aloo Anda, Chicken Anda Cheese, Simple Cheese, Beef, Beef Anda, Aloo Double Cheese, Chicken Double Cheese and Simple Anda Paratha. These parathas can become a delicious breakfast, an extraordinary lunch or dinner. A flaky, flavoured and crispy paratha is a traditional recipe that fascinates not only the locals but also foreigners so when you invite those who want to try desi food, order Karachi Red Rock from Cheetay.

Desi Cuisine beyond Paratha

Do you know that this restaurant does not only offer you a long list of parathas and rolls but also other Desi food such as Chicken and Mutton Handi, Karahi, Bar B.Q, Takka Tak, Biryani and Chicken Balochi Saji? The most popular dishes out of all these include Chicken Karahi and Chicken Biryani. These deliciously spiced, aromatic and flavourful dishes are a treat to the eyes as well as the stomach. Besides this, Karachi Red Rock’s menu also has Makhni karahi, Cheese Tikka Karahi, Desi Ghee Karahi, Mutton Cheese, Mutton Desi Karachi, Chicken Kebab Masala, Chicken Cheese Karahi, Drum Sticks, Makhni Drum Sticks, Makhni Tikka, Tikka, Chicken White Karahi, Mutton Karahi, Beef Kebab Masala, Chicken Qeema Masala, Wings, Drumsticks, Kasoori Cheese Boti, Pasha Boti, Chicken Green Boti, Tikka Boti with bones, Chicken Malai Boti, Tandoori Roast, Tawa piece, Chicken Cheese Piece, Chargha, Beef kebab, Takka Tak Tawa Piece, Tawa Boneless, Gurda, Mutton Qeema, Mutton Champ, Saji, Naans, Mutanjun and Zarda.

It also has continental dishes such as Drum Sticks, Stuffed Chicken, Chicken Nuggets, Honey Wings, Buffalo Wings, Garlic Wings, Cheesy Wings, Mayo Wings, different types of Shawarmas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Soups and a range of Chinese.

So, now that you have a world of food ready to be catered to you, all you have to do is decide what your favourite food and cuisine would be and click from Cheetay’s online store and get it delivered.