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Is the word ‘biryani’ making you drool? Order from Karachi Naseeb Biryani in Lahore from Cheetay, if it is. It is hard to resist the temptation of devouring a plateful of rich Asian flavours and vibrant colours. With spices such as star anise, bay leaves, and cinnamon, the aroma of this dish becomes unbeatable. The slow-cooked roasted chicken or mutton pieces add a zing to biryani. Pair this up with raita and salad to get an additional taste!

Biryani and Pulao Menu at Karachi Naseeb Biryani

Karachi Naseeb Biryani offers dishes that suite the desi palate well. With Sada Biryani and the one with Chicken, Murgh and Sada Pulao, it has a menu bursting with addictive tastes and smells. The fluffy rice layered with curry have the power to let you have a giant scoop of it in your mouth. Once you gravitate the spoon into the Biryani, there is no end to it. If you think that a biryani is too much to get digested then pulao is your perfect option. Cooked slowly with salted chicken stock, black pepper and a few herbs, it creates just the right balance of both in every morsel.