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  • Economical , Good In Taste , & Quantity is what matters
  • The daal mash was amazingly delicious and of sizeable quantity. Loved the biryani. Very happy ans satisfied with chicken piece as well. Keep up the great work. So happy I can order food again from cheetay.
  • Good taste and quantity
  • Unprofessional Staff, Unprofessional way of talking they dont know how to call the customer how to speak with the customer they just hire some bunch of bullshit people and running a restaurant with tasteless pathetic food.
  • Cancel my order without any reason
  • I place order of dry chilli and egg fried rich wd pakora nd drink Extra 3rd class taste. Gravy me rich jesy purani kisi ki chori hui gravy bheji hu Aenda cheety ko bhi target nhi krnaien gy fazool tareen experience
  • Food was awesome. But gravy was not good
  • how much delivery charges?
  • loving deal very tasty and affordable.. per person cost 50rs only if you receive it for restaurant.????
  • not recivd order
  • no drink
  • Satisfied Chicken garlic roll deal is awesome Quantity +taste Meal is fresh and hot Cold drink is chilled
  • Amazing deal. 2 chicken garlic rolls and one 500 ml cold drink in just 148 rupees. The quality was great. Quantity too! Love deals like this. ??
  • was there any delivery charges?
  • full deal was not delivered. deal include 2 Rolls + 500 drink (drink was not delivered) very bad.
  • Best food ...Quick Service ! I hope that it will maintain in near future as well... Keep it up guys.
  • i ordered the two chicken garlic paratha roll deal and it was great. The quantity and quality along with taste were very good. keep it up.
  • Fraud Deal 3 said 3 chicken pieces but deleivered 3 Fried/Broasted Wings... DO NUMBARI BC
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