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  • Delecious and one of the best and healthy food provider in the town.

Grill n Bake Restaurant in Lahore

Don’t be fooled by the name! You may think they have an assortment of baked and oriental dishes but they specialise in pure and authentic desi food. If you want a taste of Pakistani cuisine well then Grill n Bake is a must have. Why should you try it? Let us enlighten you all. All desi places have the same old menu with run of the mill kebabs and tikkas. What you want is to try desi with an unconventional spin to it. Wouldn’t it be great to try kebabs, tikkas and dishes with a rustic twist?Moreover, there are loads of dishes and delicacies which aren’t available here in Lahore because they are specialties of other regions, cities and provinces. Just imagine eating the best chapli kebabs, gola kebabs, mutton joint, lamb chops and a whole lot of other dishes here in Lahore. What makes a desi restaurant purely authentic is when its menu is so expansive that it includes a vast array of dishes from all over the country. Plus you always want every menu to have the proverbial burgers, sandwiches and steaks just in case you or someone suddenly decides not to have desi food.So let us get to the point here. If you ever want to try the best desi food with abundant options then you should surely choose Grill n Bake. Their barbeque menu is an utter delight to behold. Apart from the regular chicken tikka and beef kebabs they have lamb kebabs, lamb khoya kebabs, mutton joint, lamb chops, etc. What’s best is that their menu is unconventional and different from the rest. You won’t find the same old karahis, handis and daals in their menu, not that there is anything wrong with having them. Grill n Bake focuses on the best of barbeque. Their Aslee Murgh Chargha, Beef khoya kebabs and chicken options will scintillate your taste buds.Apart from this their special tandoori paratha rolls and naans will whet your appetite. Their tandoori menu includes options like Lamb naan, beef naan, lamb tandoori paratha, chicken naan, aloo paratha and a whole lot of other options. Moreover, their gravy specialties include the fiery pathaka chicken made in a special spice blend hot enough to set your palate a blaze. Moreover, their chicken haandi, mutton roghan josh, etc are all coked in desi ghee! Like we said before, if you want to ditch desi altogether it’s still okay. You can try their beef burger, chapli burger and chicken sandwiches. In case you don’t want a burger you can always try their Ribeye steak, tenderloin medallions and Stuffed cheese and chicken patty. Now that we’ve talked at length about what they have in store for you, all you need to do is try anything your heart desires. Well the only problem is that instead of going out to eat you can order in and get whatever your heart desires in the comfort of your own home. The easiest thing to do is go to our website and place the order. You can also download our App and place your order even more conveniently. We deliver all around Lahore so go place your order now!