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60 Ratings
  • good food in reasonable price
  • A delicious taste in affordable price. Keep it up
  • Alot of delivery charges and ordered a double patty and received a single patty burger.
  • good taste
  • Ordered double patty burger and received single patty burger in the deal of cheetay, what is this ?
  • tried their food it was very delicious, and quickly served.
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Godere Restaurant now has Cheetay as its Food Delivery Partner

Has a decadent, juicy, tender and saucy chicken or beef burger been on your mind lately? If it has been, then choose Godere Restaurant in Lahore, that is famous for this and paninis, fries, tortillas and drinks.

American and Italian Cuisine with a Twist at Godere

Order a Butterfly Milk Burger that has chunky Chicken fillet Patty and coleslaw layered between toasted sesame buns. Or a Smashed Chicken Burger with laden with minced chicken patty steamed to perfection, vegetables and sauces. If you are a fan of beef and have irresistible hunger that can only be controlled by doubling the hefty patties, then order Love Beef Double Patty Burger. This has minced meat from beef undercut that is slowly cooked to make it from rare category to the well done one. You can also order Chicken Paninis layered with green pesto sauce.

This sauce gives a fresh taste as it consists of basil, nuts and cheese blended with olive oil and green chilies. A little less spicy version of this is the one with Red Pesto Sauce made with red chilies. If you like the crispy tortillas, filled with sauces, square-cut vegetables and roasted pieces of chicken, then Godere’s menu caters to you too. Add on some Cheesy or Sriracha Fries to your cart on Cheetay and enjoy what is brought to you through Godere delivery services.