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65 Ratings
  • i have ordered many times from this restaurant, but todays food was pathetic... chowmein was way too spicy even someone who could eat spicy food couldnt handle it.. They should live up to the standard they have set..not satisfied at all
  • Bad pizza ! Stale and disgusting.plz take notice of it
  • worst pizza I've ever eaten.. lakh di lanat

Gino’s Pizza in Lahore on Cheetay

A cheesy delight from Gino’s Pizza is worth the choice that you would make on Cheetay. This pizzeria has crispy and crunchy appetizers, Fresh salads, Pizzas, Gino’s Fried Chicken deals, Sandwiches, Zinger and Pizza Burgers, Steaks, Pasta, Soups Chinese Gravies and Rice. Choose not to stay famished and order food at affordable Gino’s Pizza prices now!

A full Meal from Gino’s Pizza Menu

Appetizers are the most tempting part of the meal. They seduce you with their aroma and tantalize your taste buds the moment you take a bite. Gino’s Pizza has Nachos filled with Mexican Sauce, Garlic Breads, Honey Wings, Potatos baked in Cheese Sauce and Fried Chicken Wings to drool over. After you have had you share of these then it is time for a main course full of rich assortments. These could be Cheesy Chicken Macaroni; Chicken or Beef Spaghetti swathed with stir fried vegetables and noodles; or Gino’s Pizza topped with Bar B.Q Smoked Chicken, Chicken Sausage, Pepperoni or Chicken Tikka and juicy vegetables of your choice. This restaurant also sells its popular and irresistible Chicken Pizza Sandwiches as well. If you think that this would be too much for you then, try out its Roasted Chicken or club sandwiches. A person with appetite for Zinger and Pizza Chicken Burgers is catered to too!

Chinese Food at its Best!

Gino’s Pizza consists of not only the Italian and American, but a variety of mouth-watering Chinese dishes. The soups, noodles, gravies and rice can all be availed from Gino’s Pizza delivery services through Cheetay. So, order and get your table set for a grand lunch or dinner.