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1277 Ratings
  • Good quantity and fresh food in very reasonable price.
  • Excellent quality sandwiches. :)
  • The restaurant took over 45 minutes to prepare the food, whereas their time shown on the website is 25 minutes.
  • Awesome Taste and quick service..
  • Excellent service. Good Work Cheetay.
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Faisal Burger in Lahore - Now Closer to You Through Cheetay!

Have you thought over how you would like your burger to be? Faisal Burger Restaurant has mouth-watering answers to give. From burgers, parathas, rolls, shawarmas and pizzas, it has tons for you to choose from. Now that it is available at Cheetay, you can just choose your favourite food items and get them delivered without any hassle.

Appetizing Faisal Burger Fast Food

Treat yourself to juicy and succulent grilled or fried chicken burger patties. They are marinated with spices to suit your taste palate. To add to the taste, match these patties with spicy, sour or barbequed toppings along with crunchy fresh vegetables and pickles. A small bite of this tempting blend will tease your taste-buds and make you crave for more. If you like the famous Egg Shami Burger that has mayonnaise spread with it or with both cheese and mayonnaise then, Faisal Burger is the right option for you. You can double your meal quantity by ordering Double Eggs in a burger with mayonnaise and freshly made coleslaw. Have Chicken Shawarma with shredded salad, mayonnaise, and marinated chicken if you like. Or, get yourself a Chicken Platter, that is, an open-faced sandwich full of chicken, kachumber salad and sour cream. You can also have a club sandwich from Faisal Burger too!

Delightful Sidelines with Your Meals!

If you feel like having a crispy Zinger chicken rolled in a Paratha for your lunch or dinner, then order this to fulfill your cravings. Add a sideline to your meal by turning it into a Faisal Burger deal that gives zinger burgers, chicken wings, fries, pizzas, double patty burgers, nuggets, fried quarter chicken and hot shots.

Faisal Burger delivery through Cheetay is all you want if you desire to enjoy delicious fast food at your doorstep!