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  • I didn't got any fries with my Cocktail sandwiches
  • Food was great.
  • First time i will try
  • Worst application ever. Never gonna use it again
  • I would like to choose THE DAGWOOD even if I have to walk from walled city lahore upto DAGWOOD... PS:IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING
  • One dark and cold night. I saw a young man making club sandwiches in a road side kiosk. I remembered I had seen that name DAGWOOD on Facebook. I had to wait for my sandwich, that's a thing with DAGWOOD, they make you wait and I don't mind considering what the reward for my patience.
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Dagwood’s Savoury Menu Can Now be Ordered on Cheetay

Dagwood restaurant has a limited but an extraordinary menu to fill your stomachs up! It has sandwiches and burgers that are the talk of the town. Order now on Cheetay and make your meals special with Dagwood’s spicy, tangy, sweet and savoury dishes.

Expand your palate for Dagwood Sandwiches

A homemade cocktail sauce is an excellent recipe for creating a delicious sandwich. With a mixture of Chili Sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Lemon Juice, Tomato Ketchup, Tabasco Sauce and Black Pepper put on grilled chicken, fresh and crunchy vegetables on cheese slices it makes an irresistible combination. This is all stacked in toasted bread slices to give a touch of savoury flavour.

Cheese Lovers, can get a sandwich full of olives, mushrooms, jalapenos, iceberg and tomatoes wrapped in melted and gooey cheese sauce and pieces of grilled chicken. Those who like a sandwich with grilled chicken fillet swathed in barbeque sauce and layered with gherkin, jalapenos, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, onions and salted chedder cheese slices can have a delight eating this too.

A Meal for a Grand Main Course

Make it a meal and get the sandwiches served with crispy French fries and freshly made coleslaw. Dagwood, Lahore knows that you demand to be relished so it gives Cheetay an opportunity to do that. So, go ahead and order now!