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  • Level karae... clifton rocks...
  • their paratha roll was the worst one i had
  • on app rate is shown less than actual bill
  • roll paratha was awesome but burger was not as i expected????????
  • very cheep
  • i ordered pratha roll. it was of low quantity.
  • yummy
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Clifton Grill Restaurant in Lahore

There are a few places known for their immaculately cooked barbecue which have the best chicken tikkas and boti prepared meticulously with a masala marinate so deliciously fiery that it rejuvenates your taste palate. You can eat reasonably good barbecue everywhere but it’s really difficult to get a hold of kebabs that are scrumptiously moist and are packed full of favour. Plus you want there to be a variety of things on the menu so that you can choose from the options depending on your mood.

Aap jantay hi hain har roz bahir say kha kha kay jebain khalee ho jatee hain! So yes we look for a place which isn’t very expensive that enables you to eat reasonably well while being economical so that you’re not left broke at the end. There are a few places in Lahore renowned for their taste and specialty like Zakir kay tikkay.

We’re sure everyone has heard about Clifton Tikka! Long before M M Alam Road became the high end gourmet food street in Lahore there were places renowned for taste and flavour like Clifton Tikka in Ghalib Market which was the go to place for most of us. Despite there being scores of new restaurants at our disposal, people still flock to eat from Clifton Grill. Their signature chicken tikka and chicken boti are etched in the mind of food lovers firstly because of the taste and second it has a nostalgic value.

chicken karahi, chicken makhni, madrassi boneless chicken, mutton karahi, chicken acahaari masla, etc are savoury delights that will rouse your inner glutton. So yes you can always rely on Clifton Grill if you’re in the mood for barbecue that will revive your taste buds. Apart from their splendid barbecue and karahis you can always try their shawarmas, chicken naans and paratha rolls. Their menu has variety and options for you to choose from. So much so that if you don’t want to try desi cuisine, no problem! You can always try their chinese menu which has soups, main courses and rice options.

Their chicken manchurian, garlic chicken, chicken shashlik, chicken chilli dry, black pepper chicken and chicken wings are again the items to try. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay exorbitantly to get good quality food that isn’t too heavy on your pocket. Jee tou sawal sirf aik hi hai! Kya Chahiye?

Whenever you’re in the mood for having delicious chicken boti, kebabs, barbecue or just delicious food Clifton Grill is the go to place. Oh and again you don’t have to drive all the way to Ghalib Market to collect your order and then go home to eat. Isn't it tedious to try eating in the car? All you have to do is go to our website or download our App. Place your order and just relax. We will deliver your order anywhere in Lahore and at any time (before 2 a.m that is). Our Cheetahs will deliver your order hot and fresh.