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  • Where is the biryani? its part of their menu on their facebook page but i cant find it here.

Order Your Favorite Food from Chandni Chowk Restaurant

There comes a time when you really want to have desi food but don’t want to order from the usual road side dhaba. You want there to be finesse in the taste and texture of the dishes, the tikkas to be succulent and tantalizingly moist. You want the kebabs to be juicy, flavourful and deliciously decadent. Having desi food which is gourmet and packed with authentic flavours and aromatic spices is something you really crave for sometimes! I mean come on, aglee galee walay tikkay ki dukan say kha kha kar koi bhi tang aa jayee!

Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Sometimes you really want to try something new and explore what desi cuisine has to offer. Apart from having the conventional chicken karahis, handees and bbq botis we hardly try different dishes to refine and revive our palette.

So when you’re in the mood for a supreme desi khaba you can always order from Chandni Chowk. They have a diverse menu with a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Again if you’re in the mood for chicken tikka, boti or kebabs or karahi’s yeh jaga aap kay leeyay fit hai. Wait there’s more, we’re not done yet. You can try the Indian specialties such as the array of dosas they have.

Aur aur aur they have a variety of kebab options such as machlee kebabs, murgh Afghani kebabs, murgh reshmi kebabs and a host of others. So if you want to try different desi dishes with a cultural spin on it they’ve got it all. Chalo phir let's just list down the different dishes they have to scintillate your taste buds. You can order namkeen dumba karaahi, lamb rataan josh, murgh madarassi, dhuwan ghosht, hydrabadi murgh curry, etc.

Wait! There’s still more. If you want to skip the desi menu, its ok, we understand. Aap in kay chinese dishes bhi try kar saktay hain! They have it all from chicken manchurian, garlic chicken, szechuan chicken, to chicken with cashew nuts. For side dishes you’ll have ample rice and noodle options to choose from as well. So just sit back and order till your heart’s content. So order from one of the best desi restaurants in Lahore just log on to our website or order directly from our App. You won’t be disappointed!