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  • Please update the menu for Chaaye Khana. Their all day breakfast and all desserts should be included in the menu at least.
  • there's no french toast in this menu! update you're menu @cheeta!!!
  • super awesome
  • you dont have their speciality "French toast" on your menu!!!
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Everything in One Place: Chaaye Khana Restaurant in Lahore, Pakistan

What if the day the family brunch was planned you were craving a spinach omelet with a side of sausage and an oreo shake to go with it? But instead, your family decided to go to an all desi breakfast place. It would be a pretty disappointing brunch, wouldn’t it? Or what if it was the end of the month and your friends suddenly decide to eat outside except you don’t have the kind of money left for the high-end, expensive restaurant they choose. Would suck, wouldn’t it? There are so many what-ifs and buts in life that often leave us wondering - if only we had more time, more options in life. Now we don’t know about how the rest of your life is going, but when it comes to food, you can be assured that you can have options if you go to the right place. That right place, ladies and gentleman, is no other than Chaaye Khana in Lahore.

Conveniently located on M M Alam Road, Chaaye Khaana is your go-to place for all your favorite tea time snacks, lunch, shakes, desi breakfast and English style breakfast. The best part is, it’s not very expensive. It is light on the pocket but the meal is heavy on the stomach. Their eggs are not your typical omelets - they’ve got a large variety of Spanish omelets, mushroom omelets, cheese omelets, spinach omelets and even Pakistani omelets for that desi touch. You can eat your omelets with a choice of your bread and even a paratha because let’s face it, nothing beats paratha for breakfast. Best part is, you can order breakfast all day long at Chaaye Khana, not just in the mornings. There’s other options that you can enjoy all day long too - such as their Chaaye Khana specials like grilled fish steak, fettuccine alfredo, fish and chips, Mexican crepes, mushroom and cheese samosa, shami kebabs, bun kebab, hot dogs and so much more. If you’re craving a dessert, you need not look further because Chaaye Khana houses some of the most mouth-watering desserts that are crowd pleasers – ranging from chocolate mousse to cream caramel, tiramisu cake slice to carrot cake and bread pudding to apple pie. Pair that up with a chocolate brownie shake, oreo shake, pina colada or any one of the wide variety of beverages from Chaaye Khana and you will not be disappointed!

Cheetay Delivers Food from Chaaye Khana

Chaaye Khana in Lahore is in the heart of the city – right on M M Alam Road. However, it is not so convenient for a lot of people to traverse the raucous traffic and oh so many construction diversions that are hidden in every nook and street you turn into. Lucky for you, Cheetay riders know all the corners and streets, secret routes, shortcuts and roads that no man has ever traveled. If you don’t believe us, try placing your order through Cheetay. Your order will reach you in record time, while you can track exactly where the rider is through our online tracking system. This is especially convenient on a night in when you just don’t want to dress up and leave the house but still want a delicious pizza from Chaaye Khana or when you’re too caught up at work but are craving only Chaaye Khana’s club sandwich. Times like these, we all need a hero. Cheetay is your hero. Go download the app now and let us know what you would like!