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  • How can I order 6 nashta halwa puri
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  • ordered chicken chanay but they were of just an average taste.
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Enjoy Breakfast from Capri Restaurant, Liberty Market in Lahore

If you live in Lahore, and you haven’t had nashta from Capri, I don’t think you should call yourself a true Lahori. We know this is a bit harsh, but it’s only because we want what’s best for you. Maybe this way you will want to try out Capri’s nashta and see what all the hype is about.

As we all know, halwa puri is a traditional Lahori nashta, loved by many. You can say it is a rite of passage to try out halwa puri and venture in the world of desi food. Many families have Sunday morning breakfast reserved for halwa puri. So you can see why Capri is a well-loved place among Lahoris. It is a hot spot for people of all ages. Entertain your friends and family to a piping hot halwa puri nashta from Capri because not a single person we know will not-enjoy Capri’s food.

Time for some Halwa Puri nashta

The greatest thing about Capri Restaurant is that their food is of the highest quality. But good quality does not indicate high prices. The prices are very economical, making an overall experience worth your while.

Their puri is so light and crispy that you can eat as many as you want without feeling queasy. The halwa is also heavenly, soft with a melt in your mouth texture and the perfect amount of sweetness that will dazzle your taste buds. All this with a side of a spicy and aromatic gravy of chanay, and your perfect desi breakfast dreams will be fulfilled. Don’t forget the refreshing glass of lassi, especially in those hot summer mornings, to gulp down the entire nashta. This should be an unforgettable experience.

Other things on the Menu

Capri not just serves halwa puri, but other dishes are available as well. There is nihari, payee, murgh chanay, chicken qeema pura, fried egg, and omelet. The naan and roti menu includes tawa paratha, allu paratha, chicken paratha, naan, qeema naan, and plain roti. Capri is basically every desi food lover’s number one go-to place as it offers both exceptional quality and exquisite taste.

For lunch and dinner, chicken biryani, mutton qorma, chicken karahi, sada chanay, qeema, haleem, daal mash, vegetables, and kari pakoras are served. Every dish is carefully prepared to keep in mind the local consumers' taste and preferences for bold and enticing flavours

We know how hectic life is at times. Somedays you just want to stay in bed for as long as you can. Especially if it’s the weekend. For those days, when you want that halwa puri nashta but don’t want to step out of your house because it’s Sunday morning, just order through Cheetay and make your life easy. Whilst lying in your bed, visit Cheetay’s website or download the Cheetay app and order all your nashta necessities. Hurry up before all the garma garam puris run out.