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  • I ordered a jumbo ranch pizza which came as a scantily topped saucy bread with tiny chicken chunks at the perimeter. After informing and calling more than 10 times on multiple contact numbers provided by California pizza I ended up with a false reassurance of replacement . I REPEAT FALSE *REASSURANCE* . How rude ! I won't be ordering through "cheetay" and most definitely won't be ordering or recommending "California pizza" !

Cheetay has the same goals as California Pizza Lahore!

Do you know what makes a pizza so special? It is the dough. A sour, sticky dough will never make a pizza worth eating. California Pizza restaurant knows this by heart. Therefore, it makes doughs that are fresh so that its claim of bringing a better taste at the table is met. This further means that it focuses deeply on quality to provide a unique experience. Cheetay, its food delivery partner, also has the same goals so after you order online, you will see that your order is checked and confirmed at every stage. All you have to do when you click for the pizza to be delivered, the next step is to enjoy your favorite flavour!

Devour on the variety by ordering California Pizza online

California Pizza menu has a variety of pizzas in different quantities and with various ingredients. You can have a pizza of up to 21 inches with tons of vegetables such as red and green Jalapenos, Onions, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Capsicums, Tomatoes and Sweet Corn. The sauces on the dough could be a simple tomato puree or a cream sauce. A cheese topping is a flavourful mozzarella or cheddar. The main ingredient for meat lovers is chunks of chicken marinated in fajita, tikka and charcoaled flavours. You will also find sriracha chicken flavour being offered at California Pizza. This unique flavour is of chicken coated in a type of hot or chili sauce made with peppers, vinegar, garlic, sugar and salt. Besides a variety of chicken marinades, your pizza toppings can also consist of beef and pepperoni. So, when opting for a pizza, do not only think of the type of sauce you would want but also the type of meat you would like on it.

California Pizza has a menu besides pizza too!

Even though a pizza is the main highlight for California Pizza restaurant, it also has extraordinary dishes of Chicken Lasagna, Chicken Pasta, Cheese Bread Sticks and Crispy fries. It also serves full meals such as a pizza of your choice, Garlic Bread Supreme or Bread Sticks with salads and soft drinks. So, whether it’s about your preferred quantity, variety or taste, California Pizza at Cheetay has all of this and more to offer at any location and any time!