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Café X2 in Lahore has Partnered with Cheetay Only for You!

Cafe X2 brings you palates from all over the world. With a variety of foods on its menu, this restaurant has recipes that you can relish sitting in one place. Now that it is enlisted on Cheetay’s website and app, you can get it delivered any time to a location of your choice. So, go head and bring colors to life by adding any dish - from Grilled Red Snapper, Chicken Parmigiana and Mushroom Steak to Chicken Jalapeno Burger, Penne Pasta and Philly Panini to your cart!

An Assorted Variety on Cafe X2’s Menu

If you have a knack for seafood then get Grilled Red Snapper that is soft and flaky or spicy Thai Red Snapper cooked with chilies, ginger and basil. Cafe X2 offers golden-fried fish with crunchy fries if you are in mood to have crispy fast food or baked fish with freshly made, green pesto sauce if you are on a diet. You can also choose an Italian baked chicken if you do not like baked fish. A Moroccan Chicken can be an option if you are up for having dried fruits, lemons and olives with tender chicken. A beef lover can order a beef steak with mushrooms, pepper, sun-dried tomatoes or tarragon sauce.

Besides all that Cafe X2 offers hot cheesy pizzas, spicy burgers, savoury pasta and sandwiches. So, hop on to Cafe X2 at Cheetay and let this delivery partner become your guide to a flavourful food!