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  • Love their sirarcha and old school. Totally worth the money

Burger 105 on Cheetay has Delicious Burgers for You!

A fancy burger meal in the middle of the day or at night is worth it when it’s from Burger 105 in Lahore. With Cheetay being its food delivery partner, this has become easier to order and feast! You have delicious burgers decked with sauces and beef or chicken to make your hunger pangs go away. So, order now from Cheetay’s app or website and bring the restaurant’s food straight to your table.

Fulfilling Burger meals in Burger 105’s Menu

Burger 105 is popular for its Sriracha Special Beef and Chicken, The Blue Shroom, Old School and Smokin’ Turkey Bacon burgers. The chicken or beef patties are grilled for each one of them. However, the combinations of sauces and vegetables are different. The Sriracha Beef burger, for instance, is packed with ice burg lettuce, jalapenos and onions with cheese and the spicy red pepper sauce drizzled on a thick grilled patty. A Smokin’ Turkey Bacon has turkey strips layered on beef patty and a special BBQ sauce. The Old School beef burger is topped with mustard while The Blue Shroom has a cheese sauce and mushrooms in it.

You can turn all these meals into Burger 105 deals by ordering Sea Salt Fries and more only on Cheetay. So, go ahead and enjoy what you wish to eat!